16/4, embedded truth” is an online art exhibition created during self isolation by Bosnian visual artist Denis Haračić.


The exhibition is set up as an attempt of documenting the period from the 21th of March to the 18th of April. 2020. trough a series of evolving, abstract self portraiture.


Rather then pushing the idea of art used as platform to react to global phenomena, this body of work is dedicated entirely to a personal undertaking, dictated by personal needs and mood swings, unfolding almost randomly. In this case art is treated as an universal language coming primarily from a very intimate space.


Currator Denis Leo Hegić points out:


“Right now, our most important focus has to be to prevent arts and culture from coming to a standstill. Digital viewings are an important tool for this and the presentation of Denis Haračić´s new series does not suffer from the lack of physical contact at all. On the contrary, the digital representation of the works created new perspectives: the graphic artist depicted himself resulting in self-portraits that line up like frames in a moving picture. Haračić presents snapshots of a world in a halted time.”


Suggested to view via computer.

Hold left mouse click to rotate. Use W,D,A,S keys to move. Interact with the work by clicking on it and clicking on the displayed “i” info button on your right side.