Antithetic – sharply contrasted in character or purpose

Held at the GSU Brodac in the time period from the 17th to 27th of January, ANTITHETIC is the first solo show of Denis Haračić in 2020. Located at Brodac 4, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Brodac gallery is one of the most active contemporary art hubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hosting exhibitions, workshops, performances, artist and curatorial talks by local and international artists and curators, this small community at the edge of Sarajevo`s Old town district is persistent in transforming and redefining Bosnia`s contemporary art scene. More info on

Opposed to the idea of an art exhibition showcasing a homogenized, coherent body of work, this exhibition is in its premises based on a lot of very different, fragmented ideas. Scattered around the exhibition space without any real curatorial note, concept or codependence within the pieces themselves, this anti-concept makes for an extraordinary liberation of individual ideas, visually as well as semantically.

For the artist this stands as freeing circumstance, allowing a crossover of diverging fields of interest without the need for explanation or any adjustment to general guidelines.