Combined techniques of monotype and painting with printmaking colors.

Portrait paintings of various subjects are an important part of Haracic`s current work. The paintings are executed in experimental techniques allowing the artist to keep his recognizable style made up of expressive shapes overlaying each other in a great display of texture. The implementation of printmaking color keeps this painting medium diverse with a range of mat and gloss surfaces, resulting in structural richness.

"Profile 01", mixed media, 60 x 51 cm, 2020.
"Profile 02", mixed media, 60 x 47 cm, 2020.
"Profile 03", mixed media, 62 x 48 cm, 2020.
"Profile 04", mixed media, 56 x 50 cm, 2020.
"Smile", mixed media, 59 x 50 cm, 2020.