Digital media

Motion Leaps (GIF)

Motion leaps are experimental animations generated from different cycles of paintings, drawings and monotype prints. They are used as a common tool in Haracic`s extension towards digital art, leaping between different states of psychological portraiture compressed into only a few frames.


By creating dynamic visualizations of his evolving wall pieces the artist strives towards a visual conclusion, reanimating the static pictures through GIF-s and invoking new views into the same subject. A good example of this is the work “Scream” from the 2019 Museum of Now show in Berlin, where the artist opposed the actual wall composition to an animated video of the same work. But, according to Haracic, even though a polished, high quality video format seems more appropriate for exhibitions, it is the rough transitions of GIF-s that emit truer humanistic values.


“I find the essence of my work to be somewhere in-between the state of sheer human imperfection and an omnipresent and often destructive striving for greatness, which leads us to constantly push the boundaries of our abilities. For me the greatest moments of humanism come exactly from such, rough and unforgiving states of existence, and it is the same with art. A GIF allows me to create an image with raw emotion, only in a small number of frames. With that, I can analyze my work and create small leaps between the different psychological aspects of pictures in one cycle. That`s why I call them motion leaps. The artistic potential in this kind of expression is huge, and I am excited that the newfound approval for crypto art communicates it as real, unique, limited and traceable objects, in short, real art pieces.”